We offer a High Adventure program and suggestions for events are always considered to meet the interests of all members. Everyone that comes to our meetings has an input as to what activities they would like to get involved with. Like all other Venture Crews we are Co-ed and we welcome Men and Women to partake in our enjoyment of the Outdoors.

Venture Crew 2024 is part of the John Ross District of the Cherokee Area Council , Boy Scouts of America, and our Crew is sponsored by a local faith based organization through a chartering agreement between the Boy Scouts of America. Hope Fellowship Church, Chickamauga, GA is the chartered partner of Venture Crew 2024.

Membership in Crew 2024 is open to any male or female who is at least 14 years old but has not reached their 21st birthday. To join, a membership application must be completed and signed. Forms for medical history and insurance information must be filled out and there is a small membership cost of a few dollars which covers a subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine, the Boy Scouts of America magazine for Scouts. Contact the Crew, or come to one of our Crew meetings, if you are interested in more information about joining a Venturing program.

Crew meetings are held 2nd Thursday evening every month, at 6:30pm throughout the year. Meetings are held in a class room of Hope Fellowship Church in Chickamauga, GA, unless a special location has been previously announced.

Crew Calendar
A general calendar for the year is devised during our Annual Planning meeting. However throughout the year it is subject to change drastically due to unforeseen problems and we have come to plan more activities a few months in advance of the actual activity than to have everything planned out at one time. The best way to be kept up to date of activities is to attend our meetings since we regularly discuss what is coming up.

Crew Organization
Crew 2024 follows the Boy Scouts of America’s plan for a “member-run” Crew. Trained Advisors are present to oversee and provide guidance and assistance, not to conduct or plan the meetings and activities. Since we are a small crew everyone that is in the crew plays an important role to our success, and of the activities that we conduct. We do have some officials like President, and Vice President, and Secretary which are elected by the crew.

Venturing is not just about having meetings and wearing uniforms. It is about doing things and learning about ourselves and our world. Each year, the Crew plans a variety of Adventure based activities, including rock climbing, caving, backpacking, Geo-caching, service projects and of course camping. After the year is outlined, each family receives a copy of the Crew calendar to use for planning the Scouting year.

Venture Scouts have a lot of fun outdoors. They also learn a lot about themselves and their world by being outdoors. It is a great place to build character and self-confidence while learning new skills. There are also many advancement requirements based on outdoor activities. Crew 2024 attempts to provide planned outdoor activities to satisfy the Adventurous interests of all of the members. Some of our past trips have been to such places as High Point Climbing in Chattanooga for climbing, and Deep Gap, NC for hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Other activities open to us include some nation wide High Adventure such as the Florida Sea Base in the Florida Keys, Northern Tier High Adventure Bases in Minnesota/Canada, and Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. All Scouts, wanting to make their community a better place, seek opportunities to provide service to others through Crew sponsored Service Projects.

The chartering organization and the Boy Scouts of America approves adult leaders. These men and women are trained to use the Venture program to bring out the best in each of the boys. They are interested in helping members become adults that will be assets to society. All Advisors must be over the age of 21 and registered with the Boy Scouts of America.